My obsession with music and poetry began at a very young age. I had a very creative imagination and it was easy to see the endless expression capabilities of each. Thoughts and emotions soon found their way onto paper, and from paper to instrument. Growing up in a musical family meant that there was always a song and the music never stopped. It also meant a plethora of vinyl, tapes, and instruments available at my tiny fingertips. There was never any pressure to perform but eyes and ears were always watching and listening, waiting for something beautiful to happen. Although I had already developed an attachment to my father’s Rickenbacker 4001 Maple Glo electric bass guitar, his silver-plated Triebert Moderne flugelhorn, and my grandfather’s Fender Rhodes Suitcase, it was this 3/4 classical guitar that sat in a closet without a case that really fascinated me. I would occasionally, at the end of a weekend meal, excitedly rush to the guest room and pull the guitar out of the closet. The family would wait, and my brother and I would sit and try to strum and make up songs together. It wasn’t till about 3 or 4 years later that I decided to become serious and began to teach myself how to play. My father and grandfather would show me a few chords and I inherited all of my father’s musical study books and old sheet music. Armed with my own 3/4 classical guitar, a tape player with a recording function, a pair of walkie-talkies (that allowed me create distorted guitar sounds), a ton of sheet music and just about every Beatles recording on tape (my mother was a huge Beatles fan as a child), I began to learn the fundamentals of songwriting and rock ‘n roll guitar.

Those experiences changed my life.

Although I am older now, my imagination never stopped, nor did the ability to keep the same child-like intensity to want to create and learn. What I am able to create today is a result of never wanting to lose sight of the feeling and the rush that brought me to music in the first place.

So as life is a journey and time changes everything, my music is as imperfect as I am. It may sound silly, quirky, intense or boring, or even at a fidelity that is hard to listen to at times.


The lyrics and the sounds are all parts of my life that as an artist I MUST express and share. Without an outlet our personal experience remains just that – internal.

What good is keeping this music to myself?

I may not have anything inherently profound to share, but to those that would be so inclined to stay, check out my page and my music, I do hope you find something that resonates with you.

This is as honest a representation of myself as an artist and musician that I can provide. I have always wanted to be an instrumental chameleon, and I am definitely studying and practicing daily to become the proficient musical master I hear in my mind. For now, I hope you enjoy my ever-growing collection- a catalogue- of musical works that represent me and my relationship with words and music.

Finally, this could not be possible without all of you. Most importantly, every person who has been a part of my life, even if only for a brief moment. Thank you.